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Special physiotherapy for children
Physiotherapy for children Neos Kosmos Athens



Psychological support can benefit any person / child or adult who feels the need for help with issues related to managing emotions, thoughts and behaviors, interpersonal relationships, adapting to new situations, etc.

Through sessions with a specialized psychologist, the person can be guided to interpret and deal with their difficulties in a more realistic and helpful way.

During the session the person is encouraged to talk about himself / herself and to express his / her concerns in an environment of understanding and acceptance.

The psychologist, having empathy, tries to take the place of the person who speaks and asks the appropriate questions in order to illuminate various aspects of the problem and to seek solutions. It is important that the person is encouraged or "guided" to find solutions to their problems on their own. Through the sessions he "learns" this process, so that when the sessions are over he can use the way he learned in another difficulty.

In children the healing process can involve a lot of play, painting and even theater. Through them the possibility of expression is given.

The child through play brings his difficulties and feelings in an indirect way and the psychologist helps by teaching him other ways to manage problems, providing a framework of trust where the child receives acceptance and understanding.


Antonia Zafeiri,