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Special physiotherapy for children
Physiotherapy for children Neos Kosmos Athens



Parental counseling is the process by which parents seek help from a specialist (psychologist) in order to be able to better manage issues related to their parenting role.

These issues may be related to the difficulties of the child that the parents want to support, with problems in the sibling relationship, with the relationship of the couple and how it affects the children, with issues that concern the family in general, etc.

Talking to a psychologist can help parents understand how they relate to their children and identify what elements are not helping the relationship and communication between them to change. Parents are also guided and encouraged to better understand their own needs and the needs of their children and to recognize dysfunctional patterns of behavior in their relationships in order to strengthen relationships with their children and set strong role models for them.

Parents also generally support the particular challenges of their parenting role, and can generally ask questions about their children's upbringing and psycho-emotional development.


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